HACOCELL - Damped Nitrocellulose

A nitrocellulose production specifically for industrial application.

  • Rapid drying 
  • Uncritical application in the food industry
  • Accentuating the grain with wood lacquers

To this day, Nitrocellulose is indispensable as a binding agent for the varnish and printing ink industry. The nitrogen content of Hagedorn Nitrocellulose has a maximum of 12.6 %. Your individual demands of the viscosity level will be met individually where possible. The following damping agents are available: 

  • Ethanol
  • Iso-Propanol
  • Butanol
  • Water

Production portfolio with further details.

HACOPLAST - Plastified Nitrocellulose

By adding phthlatfree plasticizers and the subsequent drying of Nitrocellulose, this material can be offered in a plasticised form.

  • Low Water content
  • Increased bulk weight
  • Better dosage

Below is the choice of plasticizers:

  • ATBC
  • SAIB
  • EPO
  • ODP

Product portfolio with further details:

Hagedorn Nitrocellulose. Wahlweise angefeuchtet, plastifiziert, granuliert, feingranuliert